Welcome to the DeKalb County School District School Choice 2021-2022 Online Application

Before you begin the online application process please gather the required documents and information. Specific programs may have additional requirements.

Currently enrolled in DeKalb County School District

  • Student ID number (7 digits) – see report card
  • Parent’s email address

New or returning to DeKalb County School District

  • Parent’s email address
  • Proof of residence - gas, water, electric bill (max. 60 days old), mortgage/signed lease contract, notarized DCSD School Choice Affidavit Form with all supporting documents. Failure to submit one of the acceptable documents on this list will result in application being marked ineligible.
  • Birth certificate
  • 2020 Fall semester report card
  • M.A.P. Test scores required only for the High Achievers Magnet program

All Students in the DeKalb County School District

  • DeKalb School of the Arts (D.S.A.) and DeKalb Elementary School of the Arts (D.E.S.A.) applicants MUST
    • 1st : Submit an online School Choice application
    • 2nd : Mail or deliver a completed audition application to the school
  • IB Preparatory and IB Diploma applicants that are applying to Tucker High School, Druid Hills High School or MLK Jr High School MUST
    • 1st: Submit an online School Choice application.
    • 2nd: Email a completed IB application to each IB school that you are applying to separately.

The audition and IB editable applications are available at http://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/school-choice/forms-and-brochures/
For more information, please visit the School website at http://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/school-choice/

NOTE : Making Changes from mobile phones.

This software system has not been optimized for Mobile phone data entry and display, Please submit application data from a Desktop or Laptop computer with a readable screen.

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